Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wear helmet

a month ago i had gone chennai for dussera.among the various beaches we have in chennai the two most famous ones are the marina-the bigger ,dirtier ,for the family beach..and the bessie beach-small for the couples beach.the road from the adyar creek to the beach is a beautiful long road full of trees,without traffic and like properly clean.on both sides of the road is the theosophical society.on a rare cool wednesday evening as i was listening to peaceful ilayaraja strings and walking slowly in that road.and i saw a couple going on a bike.they were having fun and were going pretty slowly that i could see what they were doing.and i lost them like after ten seconds.after walking like ten minutes i saw them again.the bike was parked on the road side.and they were having a heated argument.and i unplugged the ear phones to listen to them.and just like that the guy removed his helmet and banged it on her head.twice.the girl fell down on the pavement.she looked angry and as she saw me passing through she started to cry.and she got up and tried to kick him.he moved easily pushed her to the pavement again,put on his helmet and drove away.i heard him called her bitch,whore among many things.i dint look back at the girl and kept walking.i saw her pass me in an auto.

when i reached the beach ,i saw after some time.she was sitting alone and crying.and every couple there seemed to be looking at her or pointing and talking amongst them.


ps-been struck in my room for couple of weeks now.i hope to keep the depression theme going


  1. i was hoping for an aftermath of your thoughts upon this incident. :/

  2. Gulp. That was true-blue anti-climax style. Now I know why the title says 'wear helmet'.

    btw, even i was wondering...sad stories one after the other, right?

  3. just makes me wary of human emotions.but its all
    @destiny..aritry started just keeping with the
    @vignesh..atually i tripped over the pavement when i saw her get

  4. nice post. awful incident.

    but a request: write about fresh things you saw today or yesterday. no more past incidents please. don't mind. TY

  5. i know but been struck for week in a single room and hence

  6. You're stuck in a room?

    And the girl? Well.

  7. seriously awful incident...
    nice post.
    i hope you dont mind me asking you but why do you write "free" at the end of everything??