Sunday, May 30, 2010

numbers on a sheet

the observation i made this week is that numbers on a sheet or lets say on a computer screen can change a person's life,their views and even their perception towards other people...strange

when did the fact that you got 82/100 instead of 99/100 start affecting how you perceive yourself as a person?would you rather be a different person just for sake of getting 93.5% in your exams or does the fact you got 62% really effect your life in the long it a reason to go into isolation?is it a reason to start questioning your goals and your aims?

trust me in the long term these marks won't matter that much....i can understand their effect on your studies but why your behavior?why do we start questioning our abilities?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We bought a new ac.
So that can mean only one thing.

Also, my exams start tomorrow.
So, :(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small Town Hitches Shame

One semi-dark narrow lane secluded and surrounded by houses, one young couple kissing in that place, JUST kissing. One person was coming; he got to see them, called few more people and accused them for doing “obscene” things in the public. Indeed the boy was pissed and angry; he had a little fight with those dimwits and when the matter was to be dragged to the police by the dimwits, with help of some senior people the matter was solved. They thought that coming of the police will throw dirt at the “reputation” of that housing complex area. As the result of the whole matter, the boy who was accused, living in the neighborhood, was forbade to roam around the area and do such things ever or he will me thrown out of his house. Some youths tried to protests and was scolded by their families and others. And of course this was all for good as no one wanted that poor boy to go in jail as our law and police suggest.
Our India, Our Justice!

Ahemm…for those standing up just now against the so called PDA let me tell you that I am not a great supporter of PDAs. But such acts are not PDAs. Those things are as good in reality as you see them in movies and books being overwhelmed with love. The more you forbade and punish these things while hiding your little mind under your conscience-blanky from checking into the world of s.e.x. or even the talk of it [of course you love the thing only in your bedroom or we wouldn’t have been here] , the more you inspire the rest to get their wants fulfilled in far dirty ways in the red-lighted zones, the adult so called parks and the dark lanes. Know it in your heart, you could have made it less worse by a little allowance and liberalism.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revenge of the plumbing fixtures

Like many homes in Mumbai we depend on an AquaGuard for water.
So as usual, when i was filling water, a plumbing fixture came loose.
In my old apartment building, that wouldn't have been such a huge deal because i lived on the 3rd floor of a 4 storey building.
But, in my new building, where i live on the 1st floor of a 20 storey building, the pressure in the pipes is waaaaaaay more.
So, basically what flew past me wasn't a small piece of metal.
It was a small piece of metal that flew right next to my eye with the speed of a bullet
Now, i'd like to say i came to terms with my life and its frailty in that small moment.
That everything slowed down and i could see the metal-piece passing by and my whole life flashing before my eyes simultaneously.
But my only real thoughts were:


Big philosopher i am.

In the midst of the confusion and trying not to step on the shards of a glass that had just fallen down and trying to block the water with my finger, i found a rush.
You know, the kind you get in a fight, or when you drink a bottle of coke, very very fast.

That kind.

You tell me.