Thursday, September 2, 2010


i saw him today..i see him everyday....we talk,we laugh,we crack jokes ,we tease.
we talk about him and how much he misses her.i see me reflected in his eyes and i see its just a reflection,it doesn't go beyond that.
the crinkle in his eyes,his cheeky winks.
yes i saw him and then looked past and stopped searching for something in his eyes i'll never see because i finally saw he wasn't mine.
he was hers and will always be
because i will always be the friend who he wants by his side
the silent spectator.
i saw that it hurt so less now that i couldn't express what i really felt
and that what i did feel were faint notes of music that were growing fainter by the day
the melody changed and i finally realised that he wasn't the one for me and i wasn't the one for him.
we were meant to be together,we fit but only as companions in this lonely journey called life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

and now I saw..

a weirdy insect dude
tracing my food
with his little mouth
but i flicked it off
and ate the food thing anyway
cuz boy, regrettt
cannot be tolerateddd.


What did you see today? What did you see?
Today, what did you see? What did you see?
What? What? What did you see?
Today, what did you see?
I saw how pushing your clothes in a bucket full of water
Makes your fingers feel the resistance
In the bubbles of air that bop up on the surface
and quickly vanish the umbrella they wear
like a magician’s one graceful trick.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sometimes you just wanna let go and just scream it all out.
And then it's even more suffocating, when you can't.

I hate the lack of an awesome terrace.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

numbers on a sheet

the observation i made this week is that numbers on a sheet or lets say on a computer screen can change a person's life,their views and even their perception towards other people...strange

when did the fact that you got 82/100 instead of 99/100 start affecting how you perceive yourself as a person?would you rather be a different person just for sake of getting 93.5% in your exams or does the fact you got 62% really effect your life in the long it a reason to go into isolation?is it a reason to start questioning your goals and your aims?

trust me in the long term these marks won't matter that much....i can understand their effect on your studies but why your behavior?why do we start questioning our abilities?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We bought a new ac.
So that can mean only one thing.

Also, my exams start tomorrow.
So, :(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small Town Hitches Shame

One semi-dark narrow lane secluded and surrounded by houses, one young couple kissing in that place, JUST kissing. One person was coming; he got to see them, called few more people and accused them for doing “obscene” things in the public. Indeed the boy was pissed and angry; he had a little fight with those dimwits and when the matter was to be dragged to the police by the dimwits, with help of some senior people the matter was solved. They thought that coming of the police will throw dirt at the “reputation” of that housing complex area. As the result of the whole matter, the boy who was accused, living in the neighborhood, was forbade to roam around the area and do such things ever or he will me thrown out of his house. Some youths tried to protests and was scolded by their families and others. And of course this was all for good as no one wanted that poor boy to go in jail as our law and police suggest.
Our India, Our Justice!

Ahemm…for those standing up just now against the so called PDA let me tell you that I am not a great supporter of PDAs. But such acts are not PDAs. Those things are as good in reality as you see them in movies and books being overwhelmed with love. The more you forbade and punish these things while hiding your little mind under your conscience-blanky from checking into the world of s.e.x. or even the talk of it [of course you love the thing only in your bedroom or we wouldn’t have been here] , the more you inspire the rest to get their wants fulfilled in far dirty ways in the red-lighted zones, the adult so called parks and the dark lanes. Know it in your heart, you could have made it less worse by a little allowance and liberalism.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revenge of the plumbing fixtures

Like many homes in Mumbai we depend on an AquaGuard for water.
So as usual, when i was filling water, a plumbing fixture came loose.
In my old apartment building, that wouldn't have been such a huge deal because i lived on the 3rd floor of a 4 storey building.
But, in my new building, where i live on the 1st floor of a 20 storey building, the pressure in the pipes is waaaaaaay more.
So, basically what flew past me wasn't a small piece of metal.
It was a small piece of metal that flew right next to my eye with the speed of a bullet
Now, i'd like to say i came to terms with my life and its frailty in that small moment.
That everything slowed down and i could see the metal-piece passing by and my whole life flashing before my eyes simultaneously.
But my only real thoughts were:


Big philosopher i am.

In the midst of the confusion and trying not to step on the shards of a glass that had just fallen down and trying to block the water with my finger, i found a rush.
You know, the kind you get in a fight, or when you drink a bottle of coke, very very fast.

That kind.

You tell me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something that catches eyes and seeps in the memory

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by John martin. Based on a story from the bible. The details are mind blowing and captivating. I can sit and watch this for hours if I'm given regular supplies of beer and chicken.

Kidding. this will be on the wall of my room one day.

Never let anybody shit out in your face because poopy faces are subjected to laughter risks

Very appropriate. Took me one straight minute.

I, have now come to understand
that wearing of a mask is but
a pitiable effort at solitude-ism
so is any other possible way
of saving our liverish ass
from the allegedly perpetually bad world
what is a necessarily MAINTAINED fact is the
everything else, everything cheesy, corny, teary
is flaky in its attempts of GROUPING,
is like mustard seeds
before your majesty's phenomenal eviscerating dexterity of
us humans in an invisible tube
so tough, so old.
We are all but specimens
in our own cylinders.
I can love the big-headed kid next to my cylinder
but cant carry it with me to the dissection class. Not that I have one.

and the radiohead people are so right
when they chant in my head as i get distracted by the redness of my fingers today

“Everything in its right place”

Saturday, April 24, 2010


for long me thinks red is the color of poverty. no its not blood or those sickle political flags. its tomato. the only thing which is cheap enough that the poor buy it. and look its a fruit and is yet available in the vegetable market. but that has all changed now. blue is the color of poverty now. enter a slum. the wall. the color. you have choice between blue and white and most houses go for blue coz white is,well white. that robin blue powder is cheap. and not just that water. a rickshawman once said that water ought to be much more heavier. will fill the stomach better. can absorb bad alcohol's bitter taste. he has a blue rickshaw. and brinjals are cheap this blue is this seasons color of the poor.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've seen the graffiti at Marine Lines too. But I am not going to be all praises.
" Mumbai city is now UNDEAD ".
So much to signify our unbroken spirit.
I don't have a picture but if you don't trust me, go see it for yourself.


Chicken curry

I smell chicken curry as I'm typing this.
I smell chicken curry and the aroma is amazing.
The cupboard door refuses to close and my table is a mess again
I can smell chicken curry against the background noise.
The bell ringing.
The fan.
My parent's screams.
The cupboard door creaking.
I smell chicken curry and the aroma is amazing.
I think I'll go eat now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


On a weekend morning, you get up grumbling because of leg cramps, dehydration, and fatigue, only to realize the lecture starts in precisely 2 minutes from now. You pretend to care, you get ready quickly. But instead of going to the class, you go to the station, catch a train, and travel to the last stop: Churchgate.
I did it just so that I could sleep all the way to Churchgate, have a breakfast, and sleep all the way back.

So that morning, I was Wimpy burger's first customer. I took an extra pack parcel and went to Marine Lines.

Outside Marine Lines station, I noticed graffiti.
After inquiring around a bit, I found out that after the 26/11 attacks, a graffiti drive was started where anyone could come and paint the walls allotted outside the station. It could be anything related to the city, or other national issues. I've clicked some pictures, I hope you like them.
There were many more but this is all that I have.

And now my favourites:


Don't scroll down to check who wrote this post.
How inconvenient naw?
I'll spare you the trouble.
This post has been posted by Siddhesh.
And written by me,A.

I don't think you know who I am.
And that doesn't really matter.
Because I'll tell you what you know already.
This blog is dead.

Okay,I'll be nicer.
This blog is in coma.
But you know already.
I've been approached to become an author for this collaboration blog,which by the way is a fantastic idea,to revive it.
But I'm not going to add to the evergrowing list of authors.

I'm here only to talk.
And hopefully breathe new life into it.

The collaboration blog is a unique idea. So how come its not working?
Here are some of the basic problems that you know already:

1) USP.
What is this blog really about?
Teenage angst?
But are you all in the same age group? Are all the authors in their teens?
Social issues?
Butbutbut this is personal stuff.
But do all of you write poetry?

One of the things I observed is that every author has a unique thought process.
Deeganto,the cynic.
Sapna,the wise (:D)
Aritry,the dreamer.
Vighnesh,the nihilist.
Nik,the realist.
Sidd,the counter-cynic.
I don't know the others.
Maybe that is where you need to build the foundation for this blog.
A common thread coupled with a uniqueness to match.

A question: When people ask you,what this blog is about,what do you say?

You say its about a bunch of bloggers writing what they like .
What I am trying to say is that you are focussing on the wrong part of the sentence.

2)The Dilemna.

You get inspired.
You write.
It feels great.
You've never written anything like it.

But where do you post it.

On my personal blog ofcourse.
Its SO ME.

But I haven't posted here for almost a decade now.

Can I post it at both places?
Would that seem weird? Where will the authors feel like commenting.

Bah.I know for a fact if I post it HERE,atleast the authors would read it.

Wait,I have more than twice the number the followers for my own blog.


As a writer it is difficult to not expect appreciation.
The Dilemna can ONLY be solved if you find that common thread.

3)The eccentricity.

With so many artists,poets and writers out here,I don't see why this place lacks the zing.
Time to change the look guys.

4) The Salaam-e-Ishq problem.

With so many authors on this blog,it is difficult for a reader to keep track.
Even for a seasoned reader like me,I have to scroll down to check who posted the post because it takes time to get used to the writing style of a person.
Ever wondered why Salaam-e-Ishq was a flop ?( bwahhahaha okay,that was bad :D)
But then again,if you can find the common thread,that's done it.

5)The Posting Dilemna.

Unfortunately,most readers have a really short attention span.
And unless the writing really affected the reader,he wont read further.
Here is what is happening:

Sidd posts at 9:30 am.(Just hypothetically)
Aritry comes online.
1 comment.

Aritry posts at 10:00 am.Same day.

Know why that is?
Because most readers wont go beyond one post a day.Yes.I am one of them.It is true.

Keep a specific time interval between each post so that every author gets noticed,appreciated in the same proportion.
Or keep specific days of the week for every author.
Or think of your own solution.
This will solve the other dilemna too.(point 2,dudheads.)

6) The publicity problem.

Fact 1: If you have to rely on publicity,your content is not good enough.

Fact 2: First impressions count more than publicizing the blog. Readers will follow only if they are struck by it.

Fact 3: Number of followers following does not determine how good a blog is,the writing does.

7)It is the first thing you learn in Blogspot.
The more you update,the more readers you get.
Some readers come again to check up if you've updated.
If you haven't,he might not come again.
Write more.

8) Do not listen to what I say.

I didn't want to sound like I know it all.
I am not offering you advice.
Bring out your own solutions.
The problems are evident,so think differently and make this dead (oops,comatose) blog come alive.
I just thought I'll help,since you asked.

So stop mooning about how this blog is a fail and turn the damn thing around,wokay?



Admin note:
Find A at

Note to authors:
We need all hands on deck. NOW.
Sorry if i sound bossy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Energy cant be pumped back because it is in solid state.

THAT, was random.
and random should be pronounced as randome.
Condom should be pronounced as condome.
boredom as bodom.

What i WANTED to say was
Sometimes, all it takes to know your true self is
Standing in front of
Mirror, mirror on the wall.

In other news,
Sidd, give us the link toh, baba! Or is it exclusively for Deeganto..:(

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I know i've misspelled the title.
I couldn't bring myself to write that the blog was indeed dead and has been for some time now.
But i'm a believer.
Lets pump some oxygen back into this baby.
Whatsay people?
Starting C.P.R. NOW...

P.S.: This is sidd btw.
P.P.S.: Deeganto, I started a new blog btw. Like a very long time back. Its mostly for dark poetry though. So, whatever.

Monday, January 18, 2010


In case you cant read any frame, please click on it.
Hope you like it.
Thanks and do comment.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


with the whole breast cancer awareness thing happening all over the facebook,few lewd friends started this thing about prostate cancer for fun(some idiots say it happened for real in some other city.i hope they are bluffing).the message went something like

urging male-kind to come together and shed inhibitions in an effort to raise awareness on the malaise that plagues our very basic functionality. Join us on the fly-overs closest to your homes, 11-45 P.M. tonight as we Streak to Spread Awareness on PROSTATE CANCER- PLEASE CHANGE UR STATUS TO THE NAME OF THE NEAREST FLYOVER !!!

and many idiots took this to be real,and this spread like all stupid things do on facebook these days.and about 40 guys actually turned up at the fly over near my house.turned into booze party.police came and some guys got caught.and some of the replies to the bra color thingy were quite much for awareness..


Friday, January 8, 2010


*cell rings* Dwayne.
"Dude, you online?"
"No. Why?"
"Why is everyone putting colours as their status messages? I mean, random people in my list who don't even know each other! So it's not like some particular college decided to do it. The most common colour is white. Someone commented on your status 'why aren't you whiting?'"
"yeah even I noticed. But I dunno the reason."
"Fuck. I need to find out."
*disconnects. Calls Abhishek*
"why is everyone putting colours as their status updates? I mean, why?!"
"It just started randomly, different people started putting up colours, just like that. It's to represent a colourful world or something. I put deep purple."
*messages Dwayne the reason*
5 minutes later.
Abhi's call.
"Haan bol"
"Dude, it's a breast cancer awareness thingy. Girls started putting colours of their...bras."
"yy..yeah, that's right. So soon there were things like leopard patches and all. Most of them don't know about it yet, they're randomly putting up such stuff, including guys! Like me!"
*calls Dwayne and tells him*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i've already posted this on my blog so maybe it isn't really fair..but yes it goes with the blog theme..i saw paper boats and this is what i thought

i'm a piece of paper
colourless clean white fresh
pure crisp complete
now write on me
tear me...scratch and crumple
stain me with ink
paint me with colour
bend me in any shape
then crumple me or tear me apart
put me back together with glue
or throw me somewhere unknown
picked up by someone folded into a paper boat
or torn to shreds i fly with the wind
scattered bits of me dot the grass and the nearby stream
i'm a piece of paper i'll be what you want me to be
dip me in water, tear me in pieces ,grind me in pulp
ill clean away my stains and scars if thats what you want me to be...