Wednesday, April 14, 2010


On a weekend morning, you get up grumbling because of leg cramps, dehydration, and fatigue, only to realize the lecture starts in precisely 2 minutes from now. You pretend to care, you get ready quickly. But instead of going to the class, you go to the station, catch a train, and travel to the last stop: Churchgate.
I did it just so that I could sleep all the way to Churchgate, have a breakfast, and sleep all the way back.

So that morning, I was Wimpy burger's first customer. I took an extra pack parcel and went to Marine Lines.

Outside Marine Lines station, I noticed graffiti.
After inquiring around a bit, I found out that after the 26/11 attacks, a graffiti drive was started where anyone could come and paint the walls allotted outside the station. It could be anything related to the city, or other national issues. I've clicked some pictures, I hope you like them.
There were many more but this is all that I have.

And now my favourites: