Saturday, December 12, 2009


Random gujrati wedding reception/get-together near Kora Kendra, Borivali.

As those idiots were trying to do garbha in that tiny garden, I saw this on the glazed glass encircling that party.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A bit of Chuck Palahniuk's genius, just try visualising it or else it's pointless.
Here it goes-

Prayer for a Parking space-

Oh, divine and merciful god,
History is without equal for how much I will adore You,
when You give me today, a place to park.
For You are the provider.
And You are the Source.
From You all good is delivered. Within You all good is found.
In your care will I find respite, With Your guidance will I find peace.
To stop, to rest, to idle, to park.
These are yours to give me. This is what I ask.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yayy! My post! My post, Goddammit!

Have you ever seen a girl sneeze? A very refined, well-mannered piece of fragile schmuck whose sneeze sounds like a small low-note melody to ears that leave nothing unnoticed? AND have you ever heard ME sneeze? The loud cry of ‘Aaaa’ before i let the spray out[on the kerchief] and the very pathogenically force the air out of my nostrils and clean it publically TOTALLY unlike the embodiment of refinement aforementioned? It’s really fun. You should try catching my stink-eye before I sneeze which is like OMG the funniest part. And at times, when I force the air outta my blocked nostril, my ear plugs pop out. Not that i wear ear plugs but that was merely to complement the effect.

Have you seen my chicken dance? I can proudly say no one has. It’s a legend. I will feed your curiosity if you pay me for it. A very familiar sound at the back of my head just told me that I’ve said that to someone before and that never brought home any cash. If you live a douchebag life, then may I suggest you, sir, that you bid your money on this piece of shit and you are sure gonna have some bad-ass fun. email me if you wanna see the video. I have it. my hand is across my chest when I say that.

There is something peculiarly common about almost all the dreams that I dream. I see my folks die. I mentioned that because i had to and i had to because everyone here is either talking about dreams or death. I simplified it for the ‘set’ conventions.

Anyway, WHAT DID I SEE TODAY. It is five minutes after i put a full stop in the last sentence and i am still thinking. Yes, I’m thinking thinking thinking. Hey, have you ever tried typing ‘thinking’ over and over again? Do it fast and you’ll know what i’m talking about, dodge. Oh, funny thing about my batch.

Lecturer- you know why Oscar Wilde was named so?

The Girls- Because his dad had dreamed of an Oscar?

I ejaculate- DUDE.Aarey Oscars weren’t even THERE in his time, man!

Lecturer- I’ll tell you. Because he was a very WILD person.

The girls laugh their asses off and I kid you not they did. They SO did.

THIS is my f*cktard class.

So, WHAT did I see today? Dammit man i so wanted to put a picture of that but hell is merciless and heaven is ‘resourseless’. I don’t know what that means but that has a VERY deep meaning to it. So go figure while i learn some kung-fu.

Ciao oshimatarokomuaha!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


i saw a dream last night...i can't describe most of my dreams due to the weirdness factor.this one was pretty weird too

i'm sleeping in a room with glass walls all around me including above and below..i wake up slowly and tentatively take a few steps and wonder where i am and as common sense draws to me and sleep slowly disappears i realize there are people outside my room.theres traffic!there are looks like i'm bang in the center of a thriving metropolis but i can't hear a single sound.whats scary is the people don't even look at me..i tap on the glass wall on one side but no one responds.i yell "hello" but no sound comes out ..i'm panicking by now....the fear is overwhelming.i look at the glass floor..i see soil and a little colony of ants .then i look around the room,theres practically everything i require...i never have to leave the place...but the scariest part???i look at my hands and feet and i see nothing....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


we scourged a dead national highway for a smoking joint.found it in a petrol bunk.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things that haven't changed

It's a year since the 26/11 tragedy and these people are still saying the same things.

1. Mumbaikars: We want justice.
2. Government: We want Hafeez Saeed.
3. Pakistan: We want proof.
4. NSG: We want roof.
5. Kasab: I want biryani.

- Today's Mumbai Mirror's 'top 5' section. XD