Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things that haven't changed

It's a year since the 26/11 tragedy and these people are still saying the same things.

1. Mumbaikars: We want justice.
2. Government: We want Hafeez Saeed.
3. Pakistan: We want proof.
4. NSG: We want roof.
5. Kasab: I want biryani.

- Today's Mumbai Mirror's 'top 5' section. XD


  1. Lol...
    But sometimes that section is just sad...

  2. thats 31 crores or biryani already

  3. This stuff will still be there in newspapers when I'm 80.

  4. What do mumbai ppl really mean by JUSTICE

  5. I had drawn a cartoon on this! :D (<- advertising);)

    Its been 6 months since i ate briyani! your post brought back briyani memories!:D

    reg 26/11,rendu country na war irukka thaan seyyum! golmaal irukka thaan seyyum! arasiyalla ithellam satharanamappa!venumna koilla thee midikarthuku bathilla intha terrorist pasangala poattu mithikkalaam!(read this in goundamani style)