Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alternate Universe theory

Yes so i read this article on uncyclopedia...

" You know those alternate timelines kids these days are always theorizing about, like what if Germany had won World War 2 or what if Kennedy had shot Lee Harvey Oswald with a sniper rifle?

We're living in one! We're seriously living in one right this fucking minute!!!

Somewhere, in the normal universe, some kid is saying to his best friend "You know what would be crazy, man? What if Tiger Woods became a golfer and Marshall Mathers was a rap star" and then they'd both laugh because they're still sort of high...

Only in a freakshit universe like ours would a black man named Tiger Woods become anything other than a gangster rapper. He wouldn't even have to come up with a clever stage name. His name is something that implies toughness and ferocity. That's enough material for 8 rap albums right there. He'd always wear orange and black and dry hump dancers in every video. If you're born with a name like Tiger Woods or Gorilla Powergroin it would be crazy to become anything besides a popular musician or a porn star.

Now try saying this a few times

"The crowd is dead silent. Mathers switches to his wedge... no... his nine iron. It's going to be a very difficult shot from this lie... and... my goodness! it's in. What a tremendous shot. Marshall Bruce Mathers the Third wins the invitational cup. This man is set to be the PGA's rising star."

It's uncanny how perfectly normal that sounds. You can almost hear the extremely soft and polite applause and smell the highly groomed and treated grass of the fairway. You can almost get a glimpse beyond the veils of causality...

but NO.

You're sitting here in your bizarro universe, illegally downloading "The Real Slim Shady" and "Stan" on Limewire while shoving a bottle of Tiger Woods brand Gatorade into your face."

Haha lol... loved it....

The frightening thing that it actually kinda makes sense....

What if we actually are living in one??

Thoughts anyone?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fools Die

I happened to go to a grocery store to buy some stuff. I calculated the amount before going to the counter for billing, just to avoid spending time there. Yep, I'm bad at math, terrible if one could say. So yeah, the total was Rs.40.
I hand in a 50 rupees note, expecting 10 back and walking straight out.
The cashier hands me back 15.
I point him out the mistake and another item that he might have missed and hand him back the extra 5rs back. He stares at the computer screen, types something, hands me back the 5rs I returned and 10rs more.

What can I say now, if that guy is so keen at giving me things for free then who am I to deny?

And I thought I was bad at math. Bleh

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dead End

Me: "Ya, sorry for that, what were you saying?"
S: "I was just saying that theres news that there's supposed to be....."
Me: "Effin stupid vodafone whats wrong with you?"

Walks towards window.
Looks outside.
Drops phone on seeing a huge mushroom cloud in the distance.
Looks on, frozen with fear, as a huge wall of fire approaches him.

I dreamt this last night.
Woke up as soon as the golden flames engulfed me and the window.
I was sweating when i woke up. Was shivering uncontrollably too.
Thought about it a lot.

Would an emotion such as fear be the last thing i felt?

Till then i'd always taken for granted that someone would remember me if i were to die.
Imagine, everyone you've ever cared about, loved, wiped out in a single instant.
Every significant place, everything you've proudly called your own, blotted out.
A collective consciousness just wiped out, like bleach was poured onto it...
A complete dead end in the truest sense.

When faced with inevitable destruction, whether slow or fast, what would you do?
Isn't life just the same?

Isn't life just the gap between you and the wall of fire?

This is when i truly and completely understood the following words:

"Can you imagine what it feels like to have someone sit you down and tell you that you're dying?

The gravity of that, hmm?

Then the clock's ticking for you. In a split second your awe is cracked open.

You look at things differently - smell things differently.

You savor everything be it a glass of water or a walk in the park.

But most people have the luxury of not knowing when that clock's going to go off.

And the irony of it is that that keeps them from really living their life.

It keeps them drinking that glass of water but never really tasting it."

Sorry for the weird post.
Sorry for suggesting the intro post thingy and not writing one myself.
Have been terribly busy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Line cutting

Today while waiting in line to buy my train ticket a guy(read:dickhead) cut in.
So I said to myself:
I stand in line for a million years and this dickhead cuts in?"

So instead of just standing there and watch him get away with it, I stood in line waiting for him to finish buying the ticket.

So Dickhead passes by me and in a flash I punched him straight across the face.
Then I dragged him across the platform and threw him on the tracks.
Then I watched a train run over him.
I laughed my ass off.

Friday, November 13, 2009



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reebok's going bankrupt soon! XD

For those who are still drooling over that butt and didn't read the thing yet, it reads:
" Simply wearing the shoe will get your butt toned.
Take our 30 day challenge!


I'm sorry for the poor image quality, I had to click it in a hurry to avoid people staring at me! xP

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

finding my way

while shubhz and i were revising for our physics test today we just started discussing life in general.both of us have always been 85% up students.lately as 12th draws to a close we tend to start discussing about our future.we have all the fields open with bio and math but neither medicine interests us nor engineering.theres this dissatisfaction that our parents expect us to do engineering.we hate the rat race.despise it.she wants to be a teacher or a social worker.her parents have finally agreed.i don't see why they shouldn't.

anyway today when she told me everything i finally realised i shouldn't go into engineering even if my parents are forcing me to go into it.its not about coping up.its about inner satisfaction.its about knowing i wouldn't be happy while doing laughingly she and i just discussed what can i become or go into

some of those things are:
--hotel management

and i realised that yes there is something beyond engineering and i do have a choice.that even if i get top marks in my boards that "something" that everybody is doing is not for me.i may again change my mind.who knows maybe i'll ultimately do engineering and be called the biggest hypocrite .for the time being theres the 12th board till then i'm confused as ever....

so what has this got to do with the blog..well i saw that a world beyond the conventional norms does exist and life doesn't end if you don't make it to an engineering college..i'm scared scared to experiment just like so many teens out there who go in for the conventional path because of stability.all i know is one thing .that even if i do engineering i'll make sure i do something worthwhile and by wortwhile i just don't mean money i mean inner satisfaction..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of quiescence

After weeks of despair whizzed by, it came and cooled me down. And I just couldn't stop smiling. It wasn't punctual, but this day compensated for it's earlier absence. Suprises are always fun.

Nothing can beat the chilling shiver that just ran through my body right now as I'm listening to Static-X's 'Grind To Halt', sipping iced tea.

The rain.
The november rain.

Btw, Deeganto, give it some time man. This is how every new blog starts out.

And we keep walking ..

A girl committed suicide in my college on Thursday.


Day 1:

Lalitha: So stupid of her. She couldn't think about her parents before doing that?! And you know what, the parents sued the college and are demanding for 10lacs. Can it actually replace the loss of their daughter. I don't know what they're up to, mad people.
Parnika: Yeah, totally. I feel more bad for the four girls the parents are blaming. They are almost spoiling their whole lives. And that girl's mother, what is she? She talked to the press as if she was distantly related to her. She wasn't sad even a bit.
Lalitha: Yeah, she was speaking like some teacher only - "I told her to take it positively only and I never thought that she'd commit suicide.". And I don't think that the charges that they put against the girls is true. She didn't come to college for four days previously, so obviously it was a family matter. And I don't see why she should come to college and die, she could've stayed at home and killed herself.
Parnika: Because she came to college, her parents could blame her death due to her friends' harassment, otherwise all the blame would come on the parents, its as simple as that.
Lalitha: Yeah, may be. Clever people.
Vasavi: Damn yar, I missed it.
Me: Me too. Even I was absent.
Vasavi: Oh, but seriously, it would've been so much fun - all the drama.
Me: *:/*

Day 2:

A group of girls are making noises, teasing and passing comments on a particular girl (Kirti).

Teacher: Be careful girls. (while solving a sum on the board)
Chorus(puzzled): What happened ma'am?
Teacher: Be careful, you should not tease your friends. You might end up in trouble.
*breakout of laughter*
Someone: Kirti, you're going and jumping from the building after this class kya? We'll all get 3 more days holiday.
Random person 1: I'll throw you down re? I want holidays, college has become so boring nowadays.

A serious issue, or a joke. The life goes on. :)


I would like to mention that there are more authors in this blog than there are followers if you haven't noticed already.

This is what I saw:

Monday, November 9, 2009


I will not be able to come online and operate the blog settings and administrative operations for the rest of this month. So I'll also be unable to solve any problem happening here.
So I would like someone to volunteer as the blog Admin for the rest of the month. Whoever wants, should be accustomed to all the settings of a blog.
leave your comments. Thanks.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The son of rage and love

After that introduction post by Aritry, I, like most of you, was waiting for someone to write something so that I'd understand what and how EXACTLY to write. C'mon, don't deny it, after that post, nobody posted anything for nearly one complete day.

Unlike you guys, I cannot pull off big words about spirituality or life. So here goes. Well, I'm just a regular guy in his late-teens. Like everyone, I feel I'm unique, though I criticize myself often too. I'm doing engineering, I'm in FE EXTC in St. Francis IOT, Mumbai. Why I'm doing it, I dunno either.

Clueless about most of the things, friends say I'm very clumsy, absent-minded and predictable.
I have a very weird habit. I can calm down myself suprisingly quickly, so many people often call me 'emotionless'.

I'm basically a cry-baby. I can rant about anything, ranging from bollywood actresses idiotically shaking their heads screaming 'NO!', letting people tie their hair somewhere or pull it to show that they have strong hair without dandruff, to Raj Thackrey's antics to gain votes. I toned down the whining after a few people criticized my writing for being too monotonous, coz of the repetitive bouts of frustration.

Well, you have to get used to me naming my posts with songs, or mentioning the song I'm listening to in the posts. Coz for writing, I need the feel, the emotions. Music helps me channel and focus on these emotions, the words in the back of my head, and jot it down in my cell's notes. I'm vulnerable to music, I can never write without it. They hold my strings, my emotions. Oh, and I love photography, and travelling too.

Music, books, academics, friends, mood swings and my thoughts, that's pretty much what my life's about. Just like yours.

Hope you'll like my writing, adios.
Over and out.

- Nikhil


the other day while going to school i saw a dead dog lying in a pool of blood.the sight was ghastly and i almost puked so i sped away as fast as possible from that spot.i told this to a couple of classmates of mine.they were like the body has been lying there for the past two days and no ones bothered to dispose it yeahh it made me think about a lot of things.

for three days that dog had been lying on the road abandoned and no one cares.isn't it inhuman?ok fine its just a dog but well its a living being too.but you know no one cares about animals these days.i'm sure people never bothered about that poor thing even when it was alive.i wonder how it feels like to be treated like that.come to think of it aren't thousands of humans begging on the streets,living in slums treated pretty much in the same one one to mourn them when they die..

if i were to experience all this??i don't even want to think. the mere thought of it makes me recoil somehow

that day i felt blessed to be where i am and what i am...

seeing the world through my eyes

restless!thats what people generally describe me excess of overflowing energy.writing has always been and will be a great passion of mine though if i were to be honest i'd say poetry is my genre nevertheless i was never the one to classify myself under "tags".besides when you tag yourself as someone you are automatically restricting your outlook.

i'm dipasha and i'm 17.i may not be the wisest person on planet earth but i do have an opinion(on everything --which sometimes bugs people) and i know how to get myself heard.i'm an amalgam of different happens when you've lived in four different cities and changed six schools...

i guess i am and always be a bit of a dreamer..its my belief every reality was once a dream =)

adioz people..see you soon with my first "what i saw" post xD

*if anyone wants to delete it go ahead...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Introductions and more.

I think before we start writing any further, we should dedicate a post to the most important people.
So how about it people?? All authors, write a post introducing ourselves, our surroundings, our stories etc. before we write any further.
Do leave your opinion via comments.

My way home..

Everyday i leave home at 7:30.
I stand in a bus for an hour just to walk another fifteen minutes to college.
In evenings i go to coaching classes.
On those rare days when i don't have classes, i look forward to the bus ride home.
Believe it or not, twice a week, this is the only time i can really unwind and do what i want to.
Usually, i listen to music, read, talk to my friends etc.
Today being such a day, and me being such a camera-addicted-photography-freak, i decided to compose a small photobook of my ride home. So here are a few glimpses of my everyday life.
By the way, these pics had a very limited scope cause i was on the highway most of the time and the bus was moving way too much. I've tried my best. Do comment.

I really love how the sun glints off the commercial glass buildings.

I caught this guy being all depressed and lonely as his companions slept on in th rickshaw-tempo.

I leave college at a magical time. Its not quite sunset but almost. The sun is at a perfect angle for any pic at that time so most of my pics in this post will have a sun in the backdrop.

And they say Mumbai isn't colourful.

I just love this pic. Can you tell that this is one of THE most polluted water bodies in all of Mumbai?

Ironic isn't it??

This is my friend abhijit. I see him everyday as he sleeps in front of me everyday on the way home.

Ahh.... This is a very common sight in most parts of the city. This pic captures the very essence of Mumbai.

Its a non-edited version of the same creek. I really like the sun's reflection in the water.

Just a typical landscape on a typical evening in the most beautiful city on earth.

P.S.: Ibetyoureallymisstravellingnow , Nik. Ha!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beat it.

Not something I saw, but heard.

Being a teacher is probably the worst profession. Ranging from crude minicry to nicknames, they have to endure everything. For some reason, they always ALWAYS have a weird accent, or pronunciation problem, or some weird habit, often magnified by students.

"Now this sum, what you doing it, how you solving it? The force is acting here, but no effect is there. The no affection is there! Affection is not - what you laughing? Yes you, you.. Why you wearing three by fourths? You don't know college rules?"
- Prof. 'Chillamallu' Hariprasad. Need I say anything more? Yes I do.

I share a good rapport with my seniors.
And they happen to be an influential lot, in the top positions of IEEE, Mosaic (the TechFest), and Iris (Cultural fest). So I get to hear many amusing and interesting stories about the industrial visits, staff, college and many more.

Beat this one, my seniors told me about it today.
This is kind of a fable in my college. It happened 4 years ago, albeit it's credibility is doubted by many. But I believe it. Coz I cannot question Hariprasad's idiocy.
A girl went to his cabin to ask for some marks correction. You know, making big gaga eyes and pleading in a chirpy voice with a dozen 'pleeeease siiirr!'s. Here's the reply:
"The marks you will get it, only if you satisfy me orally."

And if you didn't understand what he actually meant, you're probably not a science student at all. XD


When the world was still lost in slumber and time left it's footsteps in silence, I saw cold dewdrops on leaves in the soft light of early morning. The winter whispered in my ears, "I'm coming".

p.s.- Then I clicked this pic :)


There was a lot of commotion going on, I looked here and there in amazement, unable to grasp the situation. There was a wreck behind me, that looked like it was caused by some sort of missile hitting the house down, and there was smoke, bluish gray smoke. Someone was screaming, an unfamiliar lady in red, "They've taken him, they've taken your father." I look around to find whom she was talking to, but when I found no one, it dawned upon me that she was talking to me. As soon as I opened my mouth to ask her what was going on, the whole atmosphere changed - darkness replaced the bright sunny day, there were electronic circuits in the navy blue sky, and then a loud swishing sound, a saucer shaped, air-borne vehicle appeared out of now where. The lady in red was still screaming. The huge space-ship's eye focussed on her - there was a blinding streak of light and a suffocating silence followed. I stood astonished and panicked. There was a mechanical, squeaky voice coming from the still afloat space ship. I looked up. There was a slight movement on the machine, a piece of metal became transparent and someone spoke in human voice. "Come with us. We are here to help you." They didn't wait for me to answer, not like I had any choice. I was sucked up in from the bottom of the ship. Pitch-black darkness and then light again. As soon as I landed inside the ship, I looked around bleakly and fainted.

"Look, she is stirring.", a shrill happy voice announced.
"Eh?", I thought weakly.
"Are you okay?", a small boy asked.
I looked at him, not sure how to answer, not sure what I had just seen was a dream or reality. I blinked and observed my surroundings, it seemed some kind a house and the bed I was lying on was rather cozy and warm.
"Where is she?", a strong voice with a sense of authority questioned.
Everybody surrounding me gave way to the new voice. I sat up straight.
"He looks like that guy from Matrix.", I thought.
He removed his black glasses and looked at me, his eyes were kind. He nodded his head and walked out of the room.
The crowd surrounding me looked friendly. I asked, "Where am I? And what the hell is going on?"
The dwarf (of Snow white and the seven dwarfs) was looking at me rather nervously. "Well, you see .. " and he broke off. I observed other's faces, they were rather scared and nervous.
"Tell her grandpa.", the little boy who resembled Pinocchio spoke addressing the dwarf.
"Uh .. well the matter is that they say that they've captured your family and won't leave them till they find you."
"Who?", I asked surprised.
"The evil master.", Pinocchio chipped in.
"Why do they want me? What's happening?", I said almost jumping out of the bed, alarming everyone in the process.
"We don't know.", said the wise voice of Dumbledore, who had been silently observing me all the while. "But it for sure, that it is you and nobody else that can fight him.", he added.
I was hitting the panic button again, but I mustered up the courage and stood firm on the ground. I looked around hopelessly.
"We will help you.", said the dwarf.
"Yes, we will. We will tell you what to do and where to find the evil master.", said Dumbledore in his deep assuring voice.
"So when do we start?", I asked them.
"Whoa, you're brave.", remarked the cookieman.
I managed a nervous smile.

"This is the what we have to do - kill the red dragon and duel one to one with Sabath. And then I can go home peacefully?", I inquired.
"Yup, as simple as that.", Pinocchio said.
I rolled my eyes at him.

We were racing fast in the jungle, fighting our way through the grasping creepers and tangling grasses. We - me, Dumbledore, Pinocchio, the dwarf, the cookieman, Goofy, Donald Duck and Dora.

It was as though someone switched the scenes and I was thrown into oblivion. I soon landed on a high cliff. It was rocky and hard and narrow, with boiling hot lava at its base. There was a hissing sound from somewhere behind me, I turned around swiftly with a glowing sword at my guard. There it was - the might red Chinese dragon with blazing nostrils.
"So you will fight me?", he smirked.
I tightened my grip on the sword and suddenly felt gifted with the art of Kung-fu. I jumped from one rock to the other and gently landed on the dragon's back.
The dragon looked around in confusion at my speed. I slashed my sword in the air, and cut off the dragon's tail. He screamed in agony. "You shall suffer the wrath of my agony." and exhaled fire storm.
I gave him a smirking smile and jumped from rock to rock, confusing him endlessly. It flew and disbalanced me from a very narrow rock and I was falling down hopelessly when I suddenly found an edge to hang on too. The dragon flew down and laughed a mirthless laugh. I looked at him in anger and slashed my sword in air once again and cut off his wings. Now he was the one falling down into the lava. "You must cut off his head.", Dumbledore's voice spoke out of nowhere. I flung down a rope towards the dying dragon, the dragon baffled at the sudden kindness grabbed the rope.
I start climbing up the slope and reach the top of the cliff, dragging the dragon along. I made sure that the dragon put the rope around his neck. As soon as the dragon lands on the cliff, he asks me, "Why did you save me?". I didn't reply, the merciless, devilish look in my eyes quietened the dragon and he started whimpering away from me. I jerked the rope I was holding in my hand and it ignited into flames. The dragon was burning a painful death. There was a hollow scream and then complete silence.
A glass elevator appeared out of nowhere and flung open its doors. I stepped in and someone sneezed.

"We must deal with the office staff of Sabath in order to reach his office.", explained Dumbledore.

The scene switched again and we are standing in front of a shabby looking office in the middle of the jungle.
I reached out to the door bell and rang. There was a recorded message, "Please form a queue, the door will open in a while." As soon as the message ended, the ground started to vibrate and that lone piece of land uprooted and started moving higher and higher into the sky. We looked at each other in surprise. And then it halted and the door opened in. We walked in cautiously, fully equipped and expecting the unexpected. We reached a single door on the whole floor. It read 'Manager'. I signaled the others to hush down upon reaching the doorstep. Dumbledore motioned a non-verbal disillusionment charm on himself and the others, leaving me out. I knocked the door and entered inside.
Behind the table sat the most jolly-looking man I had ever seen. He had droopy eyes, a stupid look and was short and fat. (He resembled Peter Griffin, the Family Guy character, but only he was shorter.) His desk was cluttered and the room was full of cartoon posters. I was starting to wonder whether this man was really Sabath's manager, when he noticed me and inquired about my purpose in his office. I stuttered, "I .. I .. Sabath's in his office?" His look of jolliness disappeared and gave way to an ugly, sly expression. He asked me, "Who are you?"
I punched him straight in the face and he passed out. Pinocchio bent down to check whether he was really unconscious. "Eww, he stinks!", remarked the cookieman.
"Let's wrap him up.", added the dwarf.
My head was spinning uncontrollably and I hit the ground with a loud thump.
Someone was tugging on my arm and telling me to wake up. I wake up to discover my mom standing overhead and my entire dramatical dream goes *pop*! I make a few grumbling noices and go back to my 'five minutes more mom' sleep.

Though it hardly relates to the blog's theme, this is what I saw today, when I was asleep. :P
LOL, okay, shoot* :|


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mine was missing.

My post was missing here.
Two words. Batik Paintings.

Check out.

Black is my color and I usually don't like so many colors at one place but this was just beautiful.
Hey, fellow authers! We'll have fun.;D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


there are more such notices..this is the newest one..

wear helmet

a month ago i had gone chennai for dussera.among the various beaches we have in chennai the two most famous ones are the marina-the bigger ,dirtier ,for the family beach..and the bessie beach-small for the couples beach.the road from the adyar creek to the beach is a beautiful long road full of trees,without traffic and like properly clean.on both sides of the road is the theosophical society.on a rare cool wednesday evening as i was listening to peaceful ilayaraja strings and walking slowly in that road.and i saw a couple going on a bike.they were having fun and were going pretty slowly that i could see what they were doing.and i lost them like after ten seconds.after walking like ten minutes i saw them again.the bike was parked on the road side.and they were having a heated argument.and i unplugged the ear phones to listen to them.and just like that the guy removed his helmet and banged it on her head.twice.the girl fell down on the pavement.she looked angry and as she saw me passing through she started to cry.and she got up and tried to kick him.he moved easily pushed her to the pavement again,put on his helmet and drove away.i heard him called her bitch,whore among many things.i dint look back at the girl and kept walking.i saw her pass me in an auto.

when i reached the beach ,i saw after some time.she was sitting alone and crying.and every couple there seemed to be looking at her or pointing and talking amongst them.


ps-been struck in my room for couple of weeks now.i hope to keep the depression theme going


"Do you believe?"
"Do you fade like a dream?"

He'd been squatting next to the drowsy dog for what seemed like an age. His plastic bag lay discarded at the side.

"Let me hear you breathe"
"Let me watch as you sleep"

Then he got to his feet, bat in hand and stomped, as if to scare the dog away. The dog didn't move.
Put a kid, roughly four years old, carrying a harmless plastic bat, on one side. Put a dog, the one with the reputation of biting passers-by on the other side and you won't expect to see much of a contest.
That's what happened.
The kid stomped all around the dog, chanting "PAGAL KUTTA PAGAL KUTTA", the volume of his voice increasing with every stomp.

A stomp. A yelp.
The kid hadn't seen it's tail. A growl. A flash of yellow.
The plastic bat had landed on the dog's butt with a loud THWACK!
laughter. A whimper.

The dog was startled. It rose and scurried away from the kid.
The kid followed and attempted to tug at it's ears.

"the sparrow's eyes, promise a shift in judgement"
"I cannot deny, that you were designed for my punishment"

the next few minutes saw a dull chase. The dog settles in some place. The kid follows it there.
Laughter. Yelps. Thuds. Whimpers.
The Messiah arrives! The kid's father!
He shouts something in gujarati and takes the kid by his wrist, takes him home.

"Free my severed heart, give me you"

that's what I saw.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A love story

Though people keep cribbing about the crowd in the buses, and the ensuing stampede, I have never quite felt repulsed by buses. They are my ticket to the day ahead and I usually find some humour in the abuses, the pushing and shoving, that are common to bus rides. For six months I have been travelling in the same bus, like many others, and we have all become friends. I didn't even know the names of some of them until a few days ago, yet we have talked about everything ranging from work to movies to clothes and accessories.

Among one of those friends is an aunty, tall, lean and fair who must be about 40-42 years of age (or may be more) who doesn't need a reason to talk to anyone. She is chirpy, vibrant and talkative (to a point that it can drive you nuts at times) and all smiles. All the time. Everyone in the bus knows her for she is generous with smiles and conversations. Today morning, one of my co-passengers, asked the aunty, 'So aunty, whats your love story?' She blushed a nice shade of pink and hush-hushed the girl.

I had no idea how they got to the topic of her love story but our (my and many other friends cum co-passengers) love for stories got us pleading her to narrate the tale. ' goes' she began with a shy smile.

'We knew each other from the time I was in the seventh standard. Our houses were close by. Both families knew each other. We were friends. He and I. I was the same then, a chatter box. We used to talk a lot. As we grew up our friendship grew. But it didn't turn into love until the neighbours and the people in our locality started looking at us as if there we had committed some deadly sin. We heard rumours, so did our families. We chose to ignore them. But not our families.'

'They put restrictions on us. We were not allowed to meet or talk. It was then that both of us realized that we were in love. That not seeing the other did weird things to us. Yes, we were in love. One day I met him on the way to college and he told me that we could enroll for art classes that had started in our locality. It seemed like a good excuse to meet up. Though we registered for the classes we never attended them. It was a pretext for meeting at parks, cinema theatres and restaurants.'

'Soon the story got far and wide and the families decided to interevene. He asked my father for my hand and my refused beacuse my elder sisters were still spinsters. As for his family, they were dead against the alliance. Not able to take the disappointing path our relationship seemed to take, we went off and had a register marriage. We were literally driven out of our homes. For three years we lived away from our homes. In a small rented house. Those three years were the best in my life.'

'My father-in-law fell ill one day and they admitted him to the hospital where I worked. There weren't many others to look after him at home, so we shifted to my husband's place and for three months we stayed there. I looked after him, attended to every need of his and no one seemed to treat me badly. I felt everything was falling into place. Finally. As soon as he recovered, all my in-laws (mother, sister, brother) started showing their dislike towards me. Their purpose of getting a nurse was fulfilled and once again I became the girl-who-stole-their-son-from-them.'

'We left his home soon after that and returned to our little rented paradise. We have never gone back ever since. Not in these 24 odd years! And I never will! Why must I, when my husband and I live happily?'

She finished the story with an expression of hurt but her face soon broke into a bright smile. By the time she finished the story it was almost her stop and she got down.

The wide-eyed audience bade her tata-bye-bye and each one looked deep in thought. I was thinking about her, her story...and so were the others.

She has never told us about her kids which probably means she doesn't have kids. Because a person like her would have shared a hundred funny tales about her kids who were bound to have a great sense of humour and cheer with a mother like that. And she is the kind who adores kids. Concealing every other problem of hers under that bright smile, she probably believes in smiling and making people smile.

-Destiny's child


“Death is a delightful hiding-place for weary men.”

I was on my familiar way to my coaching class. And like most of the days, I stopped before the busy stalls on the railway station. I looked for the shop from where I buy candies and chewing gums and for the first time I saw it closed.
I stood before it for a minute wondering from where I would buy gums now. The other shop keeper from the neighbor shop asked me, “Beta, what do you want?” [In Bengali of course]
I asked him why the shop was closed.
He said that the shop keeper committed suicide last night. 
I stood there steal for a moment, blankly.
I stared at that small shop, closed. I saw those faded colors and that nearly broken hoarding 
A picture of a middle-aged fat man came before my eyes from nowhere; I recalled his eyes, weary and pale. He always smiled while giving me things. He sometimes used to give me one candy in free, I was a regular customer. I WAS!

Why would he commit suicide? I thought.
The next moment I was back to where I was, in that busy crowd.
I heard some whispering phrases around my ears, some people have heard to what that shop-keeper said and they were discussing about it.
“May be he had so much loans to pay”
“May be it was a cheat-case”
“But he had a nice family. Poor wife of his…tsk tsk..”
And so many fake sympathies.

I walked pass that place fast. I didn’t want to hear it; I didn’t want to face it.
He was sad, and death gave him peace.


I saw an egg today.
At dinner.
I ate it.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are boring, more boring than probably any other days of the entire week. May be 'cause it gets you back to your work from the 'joyful', 'happiness in denial' weekend holidays.
Ok, let's get to the point instead of boring you people who are actually reading it.

So what happened today?

To start with, I got up late. Nobody bothered to wake me up. Why? As my dad justifies, "I thought you had a day off in lieu of Gurunanak Jayanti." heck!, no, my college doesn't think the same. So, I got up nearly an hour late than I usually get up at to get to college on time. I had a test too today, which I'm probably gonna flunk. Math was never my cup of coffee. (I hate tea!)

I usually go to my college via a local train and I thoroughly enjoy it. At the station, you get to see a different variety of life altogether. From a dirty, old, handicapped beggar to a rich, spoiled brat boarding the train in the first class compartment.

As soon as the train arrives, everyone rushes towards it as if boarding the train is the only motive of their lives. (To be specific, I'm NOT one of them.) And the moment you step in, you can hear the cheerful liveliness of people hurdled together in the compartment. (Except on Mondays, when I find most of the crowd rather grumpy and smitten with overwhelming laziness. Here, most of the crowd consists of student, and you know the case with students.)

I walk over to the on-looking free door on the other wall pf the train, with music blazing from my mobile phone to my earphones. The chill of morning air is as refreshing and soothing as it could get. I just love it, it feels as if you are flying like a free bird in the sky. It feels like you're unfamiliar to this very familiar world of yours.

The station near to my college overlooks upon the very famous Hussain Sagar Lake of Hyderabad. It is a place to be cherished for its beauty in early mornings. The mist over the still waters, the birds flying overhead, the calmness, the silence, the sun showing on one side, the buildings on the other - its perfect. But unfortunately, today, as I mentioned before, I was late, the blazing hot sun makes the whole thing unbearable. I rushed over to the foot-over bridge and then to my college which is at a walkable distance from there.

This weird thing about my college, its placement is so serene and secluded that makes anyone fall in love with at first glance. But later, it just proves to be a big jail with a hoard of pretty prisoners inside.

Classes went on as usual, and were quite boring. Aftermath : I screwed up my Math paper and slept in the Physics hour.

I had coaching class later. A friend of mine who lives nearby the centre dropped till there. Thanks to her, I was saved from the torturous and hideous task of searching an auto-rickshaw and travelling in the scorching hot sun. (I hate this city for having NO winter season!)

My only savior ditched me for today - my coaching classes are the only relief I have from my stupid college life. It was hectic today, with a big 'REDO' spoiling my whole damn drawing. Argh! My sir went on and on about my name and its meaning and how I was not at all upto mark and blah blah blah! He seriously didn't have to say all that. Seriously! I have a tonne of homework to submit on the day when I have my Chemistry exam. FML!

On my way back, my dad picked me up at around 7 o'clock. All the way back, I didn't fall asleep even once. (Rarity!) I was deeply observing the perspective view-points of the buildings and the roads and the vehicles; simultaneously co-ordinated with various topics for the posters stuck up in the homework part of my life.

And finally, down here typing my day out for you all. Hope you enjoyed it. Awaiting a feedback.

Signing off,

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dear Authors,

please be active and regular in this blog.

Ask people to follow it.

Follow the blog yourself and try to comment on other people's posts.

Waiting for you guys to start this blog soon.

Let it be a popular one with our collaboration.

thank you. :)