Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And we keep walking ..

A girl committed suicide in my college on Thursday.


Day 1:

Lalitha: So stupid of her. She couldn't think about her parents before doing that?! And you know what, the parents sued the college and are demanding for 10lacs. Can it actually replace the loss of their daughter. I don't know what they're up to, mad people.
Parnika: Yeah, totally. I feel more bad for the four girls the parents are blaming. They are almost spoiling their whole lives. And that girl's mother, what is she? She talked to the press as if she was distantly related to her. She wasn't sad even a bit.
Lalitha: Yeah, she was speaking like some teacher only - "I told her to take it positively only and I never thought that she'd commit suicide.". And I don't think that the charges that they put against the girls is true. She didn't come to college for four days previously, so obviously it was a family matter. And I don't see why she should come to college and die, she could've stayed at home and killed herself.
Parnika: Because she came to college, her parents could blame her death due to her friends' harassment, otherwise all the blame would come on the parents, its as simple as that.
Lalitha: Yeah, may be. Clever people.
Vasavi: Damn yar, I missed it.
Me: Me too. Even I was absent.
Vasavi: Oh, but seriously, it would've been so much fun - all the drama.
Me: *:/*

Day 2:

A group of girls are making noises, teasing and passing comments on a particular girl (Kirti).

Teacher: Be careful girls. (while solving a sum on the board)
Chorus(puzzled): What happened ma'am?
Teacher: Be careful, you should not tease your friends. You might end up in trouble.
*breakout of laughter*
Someone: Kirti, you're going and jumping from the building after this class kya? We'll all get 3 more days holiday.
Random person 1: I'll throw you down re? I want holidays, college has become so boring nowadays.

A serious issue, or a joke. The life goes on. :)


  1. they asking for money??worstest...free

  2. I consider that girl just plain stupid. She left her parents worried, and her friends in trouble for what could've been an entirely useless reason.

  3. its worst!
    people who never face problems,when they face the first one,they try for suicide! pity!
    RIP for the girl!