Saturday, November 7, 2009

My way home..

Everyday i leave home at 7:30.
I stand in a bus for an hour just to walk another fifteen minutes to college.
In evenings i go to coaching classes.
On those rare days when i don't have classes, i look forward to the bus ride home.
Believe it or not, twice a week, this is the only time i can really unwind and do what i want to.
Usually, i listen to music, read, talk to my friends etc.
Today being such a day, and me being such a camera-addicted-photography-freak, i decided to compose a small photobook of my ride home. So here are a few glimpses of my everyday life.
By the way, these pics had a very limited scope cause i was on the highway most of the time and the bus was moving way too much. I've tried my best. Do comment.

I really love how the sun glints off the commercial glass buildings.

I caught this guy being all depressed and lonely as his companions slept on in th rickshaw-tempo.

I leave college at a magical time. Its not quite sunset but almost. The sun is at a perfect angle for any pic at that time so most of my pics in this post will have a sun in the backdrop.

And they say Mumbai isn't colourful.

I just love this pic. Can you tell that this is one of THE most polluted water bodies in all of Mumbai?

Ironic isn't it??

This is my friend abhijit. I see him everyday as he sleeps in front of me everyday on the way home.

Ahh.... This is a very common sight in most parts of the city. This pic captures the very essence of Mumbai.

Its a non-edited version of the same creek. I really like the sun's reflection in the water.

Just a typical landscape on a typical evening in the most beautiful city on earth.

P.S.: Ibetyoureallymisstravellingnow , Nik. Ha!


  1. Fuck you. Damn you to the depths of hell! I have table tennis, that's enough for me. And the comps people have pink id cards, we have blue. Nothing can beat that relief! :P
    You had shown me these pics in class. My favourite is the sun glinting off commercial buildings. Awesome pics!

  2. Lovely pics! :)Just loved the 'colourful Mumbai' pic...

  3. @nik-i bet you would leave tt and wear pink ids if only you could travel longer distances more frequently... so, HA!
    @destiny-why, thanks. I love that one too. Its a little edited but still beautiful. err.., btw, whats your name?? its weird to call someone destiny when your not playing cs.

  4. i liked the second one..and not all wandering souls are lost..ppl ask why am sad if i sit alone..i dont get

  5. Nice pics, Mumbai is such a vibrant place :)
    And travelling alone, long distances is heaven.

  6. @soin-Err... Ok. Thanks.
    @juvenile-Yes Mumbai really is. I dunno about the alone part, but travelling is fun. Especially if you have window seats.. :D
    @AD-Thanks a lot.

  7. nice captures! Mumbai at the beginning of dusk.!
    nice trip u had... :)

  8. i love the pictures especially the colouful mumbai one....theres so much to see

  9. nice pics...
    @nik...i get to travel by bus AND train everyday...HAH!pity we dont have pink id