Tuesday, November 3, 2009


“Death is a delightful hiding-place for weary men.”

I was on my familiar way to my coaching class. And like most of the days, I stopped before the busy stalls on the railway station. I looked for the shop from where I buy candies and chewing gums and for the first time I saw it closed.
I stood before it for a minute wondering from where I would buy gums now. The other shop keeper from the neighbor shop asked me, “Beta, what do you want?” [In Bengali of course]
I asked him why the shop was closed.
He said that the shop keeper committed suicide last night. 
I stood there steal for a moment, blankly.
I stared at that small shop, closed. I saw those faded colors and that nearly broken hoarding 
A picture of a middle-aged fat man came before my eyes from nowhere; I recalled his eyes, weary and pale. He always smiled while giving me things. He sometimes used to give me one candy in free, I was a regular customer. I WAS!

Why would he commit suicide? I thought.
The next moment I was back to where I was, in that busy crowd.
I heard some whispering phrases around my ears, some people have heard to what that shop-keeper said and they were discussing about it.
“May be he had so much loans to pay”
“May be it was a cheat-case”
“But he had a nice family. Poor wife of his…tsk tsk..”
And so many fake sympathies.

I walked pass that place fast. I didn’t want to hear it; I didn’t want to face it.
He was sad, and death gave him peace.


  1. how will it give him peace if he felt no more..anyways even i want to commit suicide..its one of the worst feeling to sit and wait for death to come,fight it knowing you will loose and then die in the end.i hope to take it head on and loose..clearly i need something to smoke..free

  2. He was sad, and death gave him peace.

    Nope, he was scared and he escaped. :|
    I hate people who do not have the guts to face life like it is. They are basically coward. I know the feeling, its always easier to run away, but that's not the solution. Now basically what that guy did left his family into more trouble. Selfish bloke.

  3. I second juvenile...
    But atleast he is better than the guys who ill the whole family, even little kids...it's sad...

  4. I really dont know how to feel. what to think.
    so there is still a question mark at the end. :/
    thanks for your reviews :)

  5. @ soin- how stupid.
    @ aritry- it's sad but you it isn't worth brooding over.

  6. ^^^brooding? nothing is like that ._.

  7. Juvenile, that was very snobbish of you to call that man a coward. You can not comment on his bravery or cowardice without knowing the facts! I see NOBODY knows for sure why he killed himself. For all we know, he might have died in a freak accident, like in an attempt to spray the mosquito repellent in the air, he might have sprayed it on himself and chocked to death?!

    Assumptions are dangerous and a very sad thing. Please never assume and comment.:)

  8. Accidents are different from suicide attempts.

  9. Sure they are. How do YOU know what it actually was?!
    I'm sorry I'm kind of taking it personally, as if the guy was my brother. No offense meant.:)