Sunday, November 8, 2009


the other day while going to school i saw a dead dog lying in a pool of blood.the sight was ghastly and i almost puked so i sped away as fast as possible from that spot.i told this to a couple of classmates of mine.they were like the body has been lying there for the past two days and no ones bothered to dispose it yeahh it made me think about a lot of things.

for three days that dog had been lying on the road abandoned and no one cares.isn't it inhuman?ok fine its just a dog but well its a living being too.but you know no one cares about animals these days.i'm sure people never bothered about that poor thing even when it was alive.i wonder how it feels like to be treated like that.come to think of it aren't thousands of humans begging on the streets,living in slums treated pretty much in the same one one to mourn them when they die..

if i were to experience all this??i don't even want to think. the mere thought of it makes me recoil somehow

that day i felt blessed to be where i am and what i am...


  1. i have seen such dying cows and humans.but not in a pool of blood.might that image keep girls away from blades??

  2. ^erm, not sure.

    And that's totally inhuman, I mean for THREE damn days! :O

  3. @ soin-->no the image won't xD i'm a living breathing example....xD

    @ juvenile =/..*sigh yes i know

  4. it's really sad...and the saddest part is, none of do anythign about it. Correct me if I am wrong. :)