Friday, November 6, 2009

Beat it.

Not something I saw, but heard.

Being a teacher is probably the worst profession. Ranging from crude minicry to nicknames, they have to endure everything. For some reason, they always ALWAYS have a weird accent, or pronunciation problem, or some weird habit, often magnified by students.

"Now this sum, what you doing it, how you solving it? The force is acting here, but no effect is there. The no affection is there! Affection is not - what you laughing? Yes you, you.. Why you wearing three by fourths? You don't know college rules?"
- Prof. 'Chillamallu' Hariprasad. Need I say anything more? Yes I do.

I share a good rapport with my seniors.
And they happen to be an influential lot, in the top positions of IEEE, Mosaic (the TechFest), and Iris (Cultural fest). So I get to hear many amusing and interesting stories about the industrial visits, staff, college and many more.

Beat this one, my seniors told me about it today.
This is kind of a fable in my college. It happened 4 years ago, albeit it's credibility is doubted by many. But I believe it. Coz I cannot question Hariprasad's idiocy.
A girl went to his cabin to ask for some marks correction. You know, making big gaga eyes and pleading in a chirpy voice with a dozen 'pleeeease siiirr!'s. Here's the reply:
"The marks you will get it, only if you satisfy me orally."

And if you didn't understand what he actually meant, you're probably not a science student at all. XD


  1. yeah we have loads of such stuff that are funny and seniors swear it happened..and my math sir got some award when i was in 12th.. his acceptence speech went like-that is to say what is to say..our principal is very very humility man..and this went on for another fifteen mins with my eng man and princi laughing openly..

  2. Eww. :/

    But I agree, the teachers ALWAYS have a weird accent, or pronunciation problem, or some weird habit

  3. lol...
    It's actually true...
    One of our profs in college speaks like freaking sachin tendulkar... and he's one of the better ones. XD

  4. rofl...
    I don't know if teaching is the worst profession but MOST teachers have something weird enough to tickle our funny bone. I used to have a geography teacher who suffixed every word with an 'a' sound.
    'This typa landscape is fina. This typa is the maina' :D

  5. orally? .________.

    it's funny!

  6. Holy fuck. Don't tell me you didn't get what he meant. He meant vivas. Damn, why am I explaining this.

  7. OMG sick..can't be true or maybe is who knows

  8. heh heh...i know however good the teacher is the students cant stay widout imitating him...our mech prof just HAS to say "hmm?" after every sentnce..
    the other day we were late for lecs and just as we enterd the class..."Yes...Where are you?"
    I ducked back out of the class just so that he wouldnt see me laughing

  9. Satisfy me orally!

    Poor girl. I can imagine the look on her face.

    What if the girl was ACTUALLY a whore and was ready to do ANYTHING to get what she wants and soon as the professor had uttered those words in complete ignorance, the girl had ducked under...?

    Beat THAT! Hahaha.