Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Do you believe?"
"Do you fade like a dream?"

He'd been squatting next to the drowsy dog for what seemed like an age. His plastic bag lay discarded at the side.

"Let me hear you breathe"
"Let me watch as you sleep"

Then he got to his feet, bat in hand and stomped, as if to scare the dog away. The dog didn't move.
Put a kid, roughly four years old, carrying a harmless plastic bat, on one side. Put a dog, the one with the reputation of biting passers-by on the other side and you won't expect to see much of a contest.
That's what happened.
The kid stomped all around the dog, chanting "PAGAL KUTTA PAGAL KUTTA", the volume of his voice increasing with every stomp.

A stomp. A yelp.
The kid hadn't seen it's tail. A growl. A flash of yellow.
The plastic bat had landed on the dog's butt with a loud THWACK!
laughter. A whimper.

The dog was startled. It rose and scurried away from the kid.
The kid followed and attempted to tug at it's ears.

"the sparrow's eyes, promise a shift in judgement"
"I cannot deny, that you were designed for my punishment"

the next few minutes saw a dull chase. The dog settles in some place. The kid follows it there.
Laughter. Yelps. Thuds. Whimpers.
The Messiah arrives! The kid's father!
He shouts something in gujarati and takes the kid by his wrist, takes him home.

"Free my severed heart, give me you"

that's what I saw.


  1. I hate ppl who tease dogs. I HATE them.

    Btw, interesting read. :)

  2. who came up with the barking dogs seldom bite line..??free

  3. @ ananya- funny depends on perspective.
    @ Destiny's Child- I'd like to know your name. But here it's a four year old who is driven by curiosity so you can't really blame him.
    @ soin- It isn't about barking dogs this time. It's about BRAVE KIDS XD
    Thank you for your comments :)

  4. ha ha...I liked it. specially the way you described it. nice post viggy-piggy xD
    naughty child he is drowned in ocean of anxiousness.

  5. thank you -pats her back-. i'm not sure anxiousness is the right word xD

  6. Vignesh, the name is Veena :)
    Yeah...lil 4 year old brat!:|
    But he sounds cute, so I maybe I should forgive him. ;)

  7. Nice :)
    it's Vighnesh, actually. You missed the h.

  8. Had I been there watching THIS, I'd have probably lifted that nasty boy up in the air and thrown him MILES away from that poor dog. the dramatic swing in the air and the loud shriek of that brat would have been FUN to watch.

    I'm trying to say that I'd prefer dogs over kids, yes.;D