Friday, November 6, 2009


There was a lot of commotion going on, I looked here and there in amazement, unable to grasp the situation. There was a wreck behind me, that looked like it was caused by some sort of missile hitting the house down, and there was smoke, bluish gray smoke. Someone was screaming, an unfamiliar lady in red, "They've taken him, they've taken your father." I look around to find whom she was talking to, but when I found no one, it dawned upon me that she was talking to me. As soon as I opened my mouth to ask her what was going on, the whole atmosphere changed - darkness replaced the bright sunny day, there were electronic circuits in the navy blue sky, and then a loud swishing sound, a saucer shaped, air-borne vehicle appeared out of now where. The lady in red was still screaming. The huge space-ship's eye focussed on her - there was a blinding streak of light and a suffocating silence followed. I stood astonished and panicked. There was a mechanical, squeaky voice coming from the still afloat space ship. I looked up. There was a slight movement on the machine, a piece of metal became transparent and someone spoke in human voice. "Come with us. We are here to help you." They didn't wait for me to answer, not like I had any choice. I was sucked up in from the bottom of the ship. Pitch-black darkness and then light again. As soon as I landed inside the ship, I looked around bleakly and fainted.

"Look, she is stirring.", a shrill happy voice announced.
"Eh?", I thought weakly.
"Are you okay?", a small boy asked.
I looked at him, not sure how to answer, not sure what I had just seen was a dream or reality. I blinked and observed my surroundings, it seemed some kind a house and the bed I was lying on was rather cozy and warm.
"Where is she?", a strong voice with a sense of authority questioned.
Everybody surrounding me gave way to the new voice. I sat up straight.
"He looks like that guy from Matrix.", I thought.
He removed his black glasses and looked at me, his eyes were kind. He nodded his head and walked out of the room.
The crowd surrounding me looked friendly. I asked, "Where am I? And what the hell is going on?"
The dwarf (of Snow white and the seven dwarfs) was looking at me rather nervously. "Well, you see .. " and he broke off. I observed other's faces, they were rather scared and nervous.
"Tell her grandpa.", the little boy who resembled Pinocchio spoke addressing the dwarf.
"Uh .. well the matter is that they say that they've captured your family and won't leave them till they find you."
"Who?", I asked surprised.
"The evil master.", Pinocchio chipped in.
"Why do they want me? What's happening?", I said almost jumping out of the bed, alarming everyone in the process.
"We don't know.", said the wise voice of Dumbledore, who had been silently observing me all the while. "But it for sure, that it is you and nobody else that can fight him.", he added.
I was hitting the panic button again, but I mustered up the courage and stood firm on the ground. I looked around hopelessly.
"We will help you.", said the dwarf.
"Yes, we will. We will tell you what to do and where to find the evil master.", said Dumbledore in his deep assuring voice.
"So when do we start?", I asked them.
"Whoa, you're brave.", remarked the cookieman.
I managed a nervous smile.

"This is the what we have to do - kill the red dragon and duel one to one with Sabath. And then I can go home peacefully?", I inquired.
"Yup, as simple as that.", Pinocchio said.
I rolled my eyes at him.

We were racing fast in the jungle, fighting our way through the grasping creepers and tangling grasses. We - me, Dumbledore, Pinocchio, the dwarf, the cookieman, Goofy, Donald Duck and Dora.

It was as though someone switched the scenes and I was thrown into oblivion. I soon landed on a high cliff. It was rocky and hard and narrow, with boiling hot lava at its base. There was a hissing sound from somewhere behind me, I turned around swiftly with a glowing sword at my guard. There it was - the might red Chinese dragon with blazing nostrils.
"So you will fight me?", he smirked.
I tightened my grip on the sword and suddenly felt gifted with the art of Kung-fu. I jumped from one rock to the other and gently landed on the dragon's back.
The dragon looked around in confusion at my speed. I slashed my sword in the air, and cut off the dragon's tail. He screamed in agony. "You shall suffer the wrath of my agony." and exhaled fire storm.
I gave him a smirking smile and jumped from rock to rock, confusing him endlessly. It flew and disbalanced me from a very narrow rock and I was falling down hopelessly when I suddenly found an edge to hang on too. The dragon flew down and laughed a mirthless laugh. I looked at him in anger and slashed my sword in air once again and cut off his wings. Now he was the one falling down into the lava. "You must cut off his head.", Dumbledore's voice spoke out of nowhere. I flung down a rope towards the dying dragon, the dragon baffled at the sudden kindness grabbed the rope.
I start climbing up the slope and reach the top of the cliff, dragging the dragon along. I made sure that the dragon put the rope around his neck. As soon as the dragon lands on the cliff, he asks me, "Why did you save me?". I didn't reply, the merciless, devilish look in my eyes quietened the dragon and he started whimpering away from me. I jerked the rope I was holding in my hand and it ignited into flames. The dragon was burning a painful death. There was a hollow scream and then complete silence.
A glass elevator appeared out of nowhere and flung open its doors. I stepped in and someone sneezed.

"We must deal with the office staff of Sabath in order to reach his office.", explained Dumbledore.

The scene switched again and we are standing in front of a shabby looking office in the middle of the jungle.
I reached out to the door bell and rang. There was a recorded message, "Please form a queue, the door will open in a while." As soon as the message ended, the ground started to vibrate and that lone piece of land uprooted and started moving higher and higher into the sky. We looked at each other in surprise. And then it halted and the door opened in. We walked in cautiously, fully equipped and expecting the unexpected. We reached a single door on the whole floor. It read 'Manager'. I signaled the others to hush down upon reaching the doorstep. Dumbledore motioned a non-verbal disillusionment charm on himself and the others, leaving me out. I knocked the door and entered inside.
Behind the table sat the most jolly-looking man I had ever seen. He had droopy eyes, a stupid look and was short and fat. (He resembled Peter Griffin, the Family Guy character, but only he was shorter.) His desk was cluttered and the room was full of cartoon posters. I was starting to wonder whether this man was really Sabath's manager, when he noticed me and inquired about my purpose in his office. I stuttered, "I .. I .. Sabath's in his office?" His look of jolliness disappeared and gave way to an ugly, sly expression. He asked me, "Who are you?"
I punched him straight in the face and he passed out. Pinocchio bent down to check whether he was really unconscious. "Eww, he stinks!", remarked the cookieman.
"Let's wrap him up.", added the dwarf.
My head was spinning uncontrollably and I hit the ground with a loud thump.
Someone was tugging on my arm and telling me to wake up. I wake up to discover my mom standing overhead and my entire dramatical dream goes *pop*! I make a few grumbling noices and go back to my 'five minutes more mom' sleep.

Though it hardly relates to the blog's theme, this is what I saw today, when I was asleep. :P
LOL, okay, shoot* :|



  1. this dream is quite true to ur blog

  2. ^ I changed my blog's name this morning, you reckon I change it back? :P

  3. freaky..
    this may sound weird but did you dream in animation or reality??

  4. ^combined :/

    @Americanising Desi, thanks :D

  5. have been watching too many movies, cartoons and reading harry potter. Is it? Sounds like a thriller..I just love dreams like that. And when I am woken up I close my eyes and concentrate on the dream and somehow complete it! :D

  6. Lol haven't watched any of those for a long time now.
    I tried to complete my dream too, but nothing linked back grr :P