Sunday, November 8, 2009

The son of rage and love

After that introduction post by Aritry, I, like most of you, was waiting for someone to write something so that I'd understand what and how EXACTLY to write. C'mon, don't deny it, after that post, nobody posted anything for nearly one complete day.

Unlike you guys, I cannot pull off big words about spirituality or life. So here goes. Well, I'm just a regular guy in his late-teens. Like everyone, I feel I'm unique, though I criticize myself often too. I'm doing engineering, I'm in FE EXTC in St. Francis IOT, Mumbai. Why I'm doing it, I dunno either.

Clueless about most of the things, friends say I'm very clumsy, absent-minded and predictable.
I have a very weird habit. I can calm down myself suprisingly quickly, so many people often call me 'emotionless'.

I'm basically a cry-baby. I can rant about anything, ranging from bollywood actresses idiotically shaking their heads screaming 'NO!', letting people tie their hair somewhere or pull it to show that they have strong hair without dandruff, to Raj Thackrey's antics to gain votes. I toned down the whining after a few people criticized my writing for being too monotonous, coz of the repetitive bouts of frustration.

Well, you have to get used to me naming my posts with songs, or mentioning the song I'm listening to in the posts. Coz for writing, I need the feel, the emotions. Music helps me channel and focus on these emotions, the words in the back of my head, and jot it down in my cell's notes. I'm vulnerable to music, I can never write without it. They hold my strings, my emotions. Oh, and I love photography, and travelling too.

Music, books, academics, friends, mood swings and my thoughts, that's pretty much what my life's about. Just like yours.

Hope you'll like my writing, adios.
Over and out.

- Nikhil


  1. Everybody rants one time or the other, so that's ok. And natural.

    Write more. :)

  2. another engg who doesnt know why he doing it..same story every where..and are you a metalhead?free

  3. i like the way you are nik ^__^ even i can't write complicated're just like me confused (just a lil bit) about where are you heading xD.....

  4. Yes, life is all about music, books, academics, friends, mood swings and good thoughts. :)

  5. you know i never told you this but you are a really good writer.
    the fact that you can interweave social issues with your own personal experiences without making it sound too preachy or too personal,just something everyone can relate to and feel.
    now that's something.

  6. son of rage and love?

    bwahaahhhahh :P

  7. I guess that was a very honest intro. I like reading your blogs. I don't find them monotonous. Keep writing :)