Thursday, September 2, 2010


i saw him today..i see him everyday....we talk,we laugh,we crack jokes ,we tease.
we talk about him and how much he misses her.i see me reflected in his eyes and i see its just a reflection,it doesn't go beyond that.
the crinkle in his eyes,his cheeky winks.
yes i saw him and then looked past and stopped searching for something in his eyes i'll never see because i finally saw he wasn't mine.
he was hers and will always be
because i will always be the friend who he wants by his side
the silent spectator.
i saw that it hurt so less now that i couldn't express what i really felt
and that what i did feel were faint notes of music that were growing fainter by the day
the melody changed and i finally realised that he wasn't the one for me and i wasn't the one for him.
we were meant to be together,we fit but only as companions in this lonely journey called life.