Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are boring, more boring than probably any other days of the entire week. May be 'cause it gets you back to your work from the 'joyful', 'happiness in denial' weekend holidays.
Ok, let's get to the point instead of boring you people who are actually reading it.

So what happened today?

To start with, I got up late. Nobody bothered to wake me up. Why? As my dad justifies, "I thought you had a day off in lieu of Gurunanak Jayanti." heck!, no, my college doesn't think the same. So, I got up nearly an hour late than I usually get up at to get to college on time. I had a test too today, which I'm probably gonna flunk. Math was never my cup of coffee. (I hate tea!)

I usually go to my college via a local train and I thoroughly enjoy it. At the station, you get to see a different variety of life altogether. From a dirty, old, handicapped beggar to a rich, spoiled brat boarding the train in the first class compartment.

As soon as the train arrives, everyone rushes towards it as if boarding the train is the only motive of their lives. (To be specific, I'm NOT one of them.) And the moment you step in, you can hear the cheerful liveliness of people hurdled together in the compartment. (Except on Mondays, when I find most of the crowd rather grumpy and smitten with overwhelming laziness. Here, most of the crowd consists of student, and you know the case with students.)

I walk over to the on-looking free door on the other wall pf the train, with music blazing from my mobile phone to my earphones. The chill of morning air is as refreshing and soothing as it could get. I just love it, it feels as if you are flying like a free bird in the sky. It feels like you're unfamiliar to this very familiar world of yours.

The station near to my college overlooks upon the very famous Hussain Sagar Lake of Hyderabad. It is a place to be cherished for its beauty in early mornings. The mist over the still waters, the birds flying overhead, the calmness, the silence, the sun showing on one side, the buildings on the other - its perfect. But unfortunately, today, as I mentioned before, I was late, the blazing hot sun makes the whole thing unbearable. I rushed over to the foot-over bridge and then to my college which is at a walkable distance from there.

This weird thing about my college, its placement is so serene and secluded that makes anyone fall in love with at first glance. But later, it just proves to be a big jail with a hoard of pretty prisoners inside.

Classes went on as usual, and were quite boring. Aftermath : I screwed up my Math paper and slept in the Physics hour.

I had coaching class later. A friend of mine who lives nearby the centre dropped till there. Thanks to her, I was saved from the torturous and hideous task of searching an auto-rickshaw and travelling in the scorching hot sun. (I hate this city for having NO winter season!)

My only savior ditched me for today - my coaching classes are the only relief I have from my stupid college life. It was hectic today, with a big 'REDO' spoiling my whole damn drawing. Argh! My sir went on and on about my name and its meaning and how I was not at all upto mark and blah blah blah! He seriously didn't have to say all that. Seriously! I have a tonne of homework to submit on the day when I have my Chemistry exam. FML!

On my way back, my dad picked me up at around 7 o'clock. All the way back, I didn't fall asleep even once. (Rarity!) I was deeply observing the perspective view-points of the buildings and the roads and the vehicles; simultaneously co-ordinated with various topics for the posters stuck up in the homework part of my life.

And finally, down here typing my day out for you all. Hope you enjoyed it. Awaiting a feedback.

Signing off,


  1. A mundane, usual day in a college girl's life presented in a colourful way. :)
    Trains and buses are a great place to think about the past day and the day ahead. especially if you are travelling alone. Enjoyed reading about your day.
    And kudos, you are officially the first to post (about what you saw) on this blog! Cheers! :)

  2. ^^yes :D

    it's a nice post. It's fun to read about lives :)

    but I would like to say one thing...err...try to stick onto one subject, one thing that touched you, one thing that you saw ^_^

  3. even i though so..this was more like a dairy entry..anyways atleast ur

  4. i thought of sticking to one topic, but dropped it later :P

    @Soin, it was not a diary entry my way, my diary entries are bitchy :P

    Thanks all of you for your comments :D

  5. Aritry, even you know that's nearly impossible. XD