Sunday, November 8, 2009

seeing the world through my eyes

restless!thats what people generally describe me excess of overflowing energy.writing has always been and will be a great passion of mine though if i were to be honest i'd say poetry is my genre nevertheless i was never the one to classify myself under "tags".besides when you tag yourself as someone you are automatically restricting your outlook.

i'm dipasha and i'm 17.i may not be the wisest person on planet earth but i do have an opinion(on everything --which sometimes bugs people) and i know how to get myself heard.i'm an amalgam of different happens when you've lived in four different cities and changed six schools...

i guess i am and always be a bit of a dreamer..its my belief every reality was once a dream =)

adioz people..see you soon with my first "what i saw" post xD

*if anyone wants to delete it go ahead...


  1. having an opinion about everything is not a bad thing. -_-

  2. i know xD but people just don't get it

  3. yes not long as its not being thrust upon the other..advice is one thing people dont like it for free..but i guess most people who write a lot have opinion about

  4. we are free to have our opinions :) dream on for it is the first step to reality :)

  5. @ soin-->i agree completely with you ^__^

    @ AD-->=)