Wednesday, November 11, 2009

finding my way

while shubhz and i were revising for our physics test today we just started discussing life in general.both of us have always been 85% up students.lately as 12th draws to a close we tend to start discussing about our future.we have all the fields open with bio and math but neither medicine interests us nor engineering.theres this dissatisfaction that our parents expect us to do engineering.we hate the rat race.despise it.she wants to be a teacher or a social worker.her parents have finally agreed.i don't see why they shouldn't.

anyway today when she told me everything i finally realised i shouldn't go into engineering even if my parents are forcing me to go into it.its not about coping up.its about inner satisfaction.its about knowing i wouldn't be happy while doing laughingly she and i just discussed what can i become or go into

some of those things are:
--hotel management

and i realised that yes there is something beyond engineering and i do have a choice.that even if i get top marks in my boards that "something" that everybody is doing is not for me.i may again change my mind.who knows maybe i'll ultimately do engineering and be called the biggest hypocrite .for the time being theres the 12th board till then i'm confused as ever....

so what has this got to do with the blog..well i saw that a world beyond the conventional norms does exist and life doesn't end if you don't make it to an engineering college..i'm scared scared to experiment just like so many teens out there who go in for the conventional path because of stability.all i know is one thing .that even if i do engineering i'll make sure i do something worthwhile and by wortwhile i just don't mean money i mean inner satisfaction..


  1. you want options? i can give you many, cz I took science too, and despise engineering as hell :D

  2. bah familiar story.. familiar dialogue..lets see what you take up.. i guess all know what it will

  3. LOL both ov you are right.i'm fighting a losing battle

  4. no you're not. Engineering has least stability as of now. :)

  5. You are on the right path. Just don't let this line of thought (the one about wanting to do something that gives inner satisfaction) stray away...

  6. but you have to do medical to do psychiatry right??

  7. not atall...i have all my options open
    PCMB-in short every important subject

  8. @ juvenile-->only in conventional fields..if i choose a purely academic thing..i have it all includes Mtech in environmental engineering and patent law =).....

    @ destiny-->yes i wudn give up on that...i will mostly do engineering but since i'm so keen on environment..i'll diversify and go into something like trying to make this earth a better place to live on which i think is not that bad..its something worthwhile??=)..besides i will keep on writing and improving myself..i will definitely publish my book of poems or a novel someday just for the sake of doing what i want to even if no one reads HAHA