Thursday, December 3, 2009


i saw a dream last night...i can't describe most of my dreams due to the weirdness factor.this one was pretty weird too

i'm sleeping in a room with glass walls all around me including above and below..i wake up slowly and tentatively take a few steps and wonder where i am and as common sense draws to me and sleep slowly disappears i realize there are people outside my room.theres traffic!there are looks like i'm bang in the center of a thriving metropolis but i can't hear a single sound.whats scary is the people don't even look at me..i tap on the glass wall on one side but no one responds.i yell "hello" but no sound comes out ..i'm panicking by now....the fear is overwhelming.i look at the glass floor..i see soil and a little colony of ants .then i look around the room,theres practically everything i require...i never have to leave the place...but the scariest part???i look at my hands and feet and i see nothing....


  1. You are invisible ._.
    weird. very weird.
    So I relate :P

  2. Gulp. Must have been scary right? I once had this dream where I am screaming my lungs out calling out to my parents who are searching for me. It is when they pass right 'through' me that I realize that I am dead. Brrrrr...*shivers*

  3. I had dreamt of a giant fish tank once. In the middle of the street.
    Everyone's losing it.

  4. I once had a dream of falling from Intl space station.terrified. I woke up drenched in sweat and gasping for breath! :O