Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Don't scroll down to check who wrote this post.
How inconvenient naw?
I'll spare you the trouble.
This post has been posted by Siddhesh.
And written by me,A.

I don't think you know who I am.
And that doesn't really matter.
Because I'll tell you what you know already.
This blog is dead.

Okay,I'll be nicer.
This blog is in coma.
But you know already.
I've been approached to become an author for this collaboration blog,which by the way is a fantastic idea,to revive it.
But I'm not going to add to the evergrowing list of authors.

I'm here only to talk.
And hopefully breathe new life into it.

The collaboration blog is a unique idea. So how come its not working?
Here are some of the basic problems that you know already:

1) USP.
What is this blog really about?
Teenage angst?
But are you all in the same age group? Are all the authors in their teens?
Social issues?
Butbutbut this is personal stuff.
But do all of you write poetry?

One of the things I observed is that every author has a unique thought process.
Deeganto,the cynic.
Sapna,the wise (:D)
Aritry,the dreamer.
Vighnesh,the nihilist.
Nik,the realist.
Sidd,the counter-cynic.
I don't know the others.
Maybe that is where you need to build the foundation for this blog.
A common thread coupled with a uniqueness to match.

A question: When people ask you,what this blog is about,what do you say?

You say its about a bunch of bloggers writing what they like .
What I am trying to say is that you are focussing on the wrong part of the sentence.

2)The Dilemna.

You get inspired.
You write.
It feels great.
You've never written anything like it.

But where do you post it.

On my personal blog ofcourse.
Its SO ME.

But I haven't posted here for almost a decade now.

Can I post it at both places?
Would that seem weird? Where will the authors feel like commenting.

Bah.I know for a fact if I post it HERE,atleast the authors would read it.

Wait,I have more than twice the number the followers for my own blog.


As a writer it is difficult to not expect appreciation.
The Dilemna can ONLY be solved if you find that common thread.

3)The eccentricity.

With so many artists,poets and writers out here,I don't see why this place lacks the zing.
Time to change the look guys.

4) The Salaam-e-Ishq problem.

With so many authors on this blog,it is difficult for a reader to keep track.
Even for a seasoned reader like me,I have to scroll down to check who posted the post because it takes time to get used to the writing style of a person.
Ever wondered why Salaam-e-Ishq was a flop ?( bwahhahaha okay,that was bad :D)
But then again,if you can find the common thread,that's done it.

5)The Posting Dilemna.

Unfortunately,most readers have a really short attention span.
And unless the writing really affected the reader,he wont read further.
Here is what is happening:

Sidd posts at 9:30 am.(Just hypothetically)
Aritry comes online.
1 comment.

Aritry posts at 10:00 am.Same day.

Know why that is?
Because most readers wont go beyond one post a day.Yes.I am one of them.It is true.

Keep a specific time interval between each post so that every author gets noticed,appreciated in the same proportion.
Or keep specific days of the week for every author.
Or think of your own solution.
This will solve the other dilemna too.(point 2,dudheads.)

6) The publicity problem.

Fact 1: If you have to rely on publicity,your content is not good enough.

Fact 2: First impressions count more than publicizing the blog. Readers will follow only if they are struck by it.

Fact 3: Number of followers following does not determine how good a blog is,the writing does.

7)It is the first thing you learn in Blogspot.
The more you update,the more readers you get.
Some readers come again to check up if you've updated.
If you haven't,he might not come again.
Write more.

8) Do not listen to what I say.

I didn't want to sound like I know it all.
I am not offering you advice.
Bring out your own solutions.
The problems are evident,so think differently and make this dead (oops,comatose) blog come alive.
I just thought I'll help,since you asked.

So stop mooning about how this blog is a fail and turn the damn thing around,wokay?



Admin note:
Find A at

Note to authors:
We need all hands on deck. NOW.
Sorry if i sound bossy.


  1. Anabiosi= Revival.In greek.

  2. @Sidd: Why but? And what's the urgency?

  3. Deeganto: Toilettttttt.

    Juvenile: Thanks :P

  4. After reading this, a song played in my mind..
    wake up sid, har pal kahe!

    fuck! bad bad bad man.
    bad man- gulshan grover style.
    okay, really bad.