Saturday, April 24, 2010


for long me thinks red is the color of poverty. no its not blood or those sickle political flags. its tomato. the only thing which is cheap enough that the poor buy it. and look its a fruit and is yet available in the vegetable market. but that has all changed now. blue is the color of poverty now. enter a slum. the wall. the color. you have choice between blue and white and most houses go for blue coz white is,well white. that robin blue powder is cheap. and not just that water. a rickshawman once said that water ought to be much more heavier. will fill the stomach better. can absorb bad alcohol's bitter taste. he has a blue rickshaw. and brinjals are cheap this blue is this seasons color of the poor.



  1. "a rickshawman was once water ought to be much more heavier"

    Okay, you lost me there..>_>

  2. slitcha

  3. Blue is cool.
    It's summer time. Blue should be the colour.

  4. And for me white is the color of poverty.
    The sickly white of a naked light bulb - glaring.

  5. Thats some interesting facts about blue