Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never let anybody shit out in your face because poopy faces are subjected to laughter risks

Very appropriate. Took me one straight minute.

I, have now come to understand
that wearing of a mask is but
a pitiable effort at solitude-ism
so is any other possible way
of saving our liverish ass
from the allegedly perpetually bad world
what is a necessarily MAINTAINED fact is the
everything else, everything cheesy, corny, teary
is flaky in its attempts of GROUPING,
is like mustard seeds
before your majesty's phenomenal eviscerating dexterity of
us humans in an invisible tube
so tough, so old.
We are all but specimens
in our own cylinders.
I can love the big-headed kid next to my cylinder
but cant carry it with me to the dissection class. Not that I have one.

and the radiohead people are so right
when they chant in my head as i get distracted by the redness of my fingers today

“Everything in its right place”

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