Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i've already posted this on my blog so maybe it isn't really fair..but yes it goes with the blog theme..i saw paper boats and this is what i thought

i'm a piece of paper
colourless clean white fresh
pure crisp complete
now write on me
tear me...scratch and crumple
stain me with ink
paint me with colour
bend me in any shape
then crumple me or tear me apart
put me back together with glue
or throw me somewhere unknown
picked up by someone folded into a paper boat
or torn to shreds i fly with the wind
scattered bits of me dot the grass and the nearby stream
i'm a piece of paper i'll be what you want me to be
dip me in water, tear me in pieces ,grind me in pulp
ill clean away my stains and scars if thats what you want me to be...


  1. Pretty composition. :)
    I read it on your blog as well, but somehow (I don't know why), your site's always too heavy to load in one go :P

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  3. Nice one. I like reading about stuff we see and do everyday but never really care to think about. Paper boats sure have a tale to tell. :)

  4. and reading it again does feel awesome