Thursday, September 2, 2010


i saw him today..i see him everyday....we talk,we laugh,we crack jokes ,we tease.
we talk about him and how much he misses her.i see me reflected in his eyes and i see its just a reflection,it doesn't go beyond that.
the crinkle in his eyes,his cheeky winks.
yes i saw him and then looked past and stopped searching for something in his eyes i'll never see because i finally saw he wasn't mine.
he was hers and will always be
because i will always be the friend who he wants by his side
the silent spectator.
i saw that it hurt so less now that i couldn't express what i really felt
and that what i did feel were faint notes of music that were growing fainter by the day
the melody changed and i finally realised that he wasn't the one for me and i wasn't the one for him.
we were meant to be together,we fit but only as companions in this lonely journey called life.


  1. so true re...i can totally feel it!!
    The realisation makes you feel better na?

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  3. Pandora? Well that brings quite alot of memories. Stop looking in his eyes if he is somebody else's. Why dont you see for the ones whom you are special and whom they want . No emo talking pagal larki.

  4. A tinge of sorrow, yet a hope flickering in the distance! We grow a bit, learn a bit, from each wound to move on in life, with time .... but yes, each having his/her own share of happiness.

  5. i would have said it out than bearing the pain within......

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