Sunday, May 30, 2010

numbers on a sheet

the observation i made this week is that numbers on a sheet or lets say on a computer screen can change a person's life,their views and even their perception towards other people...strange

when did the fact that you got 82/100 instead of 99/100 start affecting how you perceive yourself as a person?would you rather be a different person just for sake of getting 93.5% in your exams or does the fact you got 62% really effect your life in the long it a reason to go into isolation?is it a reason to start questioning your goals and your aims?

trust me in the long term these marks won't matter that much....i can understand their effect on your studies but why your behavior?why do we start questioning our abilities?


  1. In my case, the last sentence can be rephrased as 'why do people around you start questioning your abilities?'

  2. true...there are so many whys?these days.....our abilities just cannot be measured on a sheet of is so much more than that

  3. Yes, but what is written on that paper matters, especially if it's 'F'. That can be a life-changing scenario.

  4. yaa thats there...then i guess i wasn't talking about that.pass and fail does matter after that life goes on.i actually meant it for those people who got reasonably ok marks and are somehow stuck in time... thinking life has ended

    life only ends when we don't move beyongd those failures(which is true for everyone)

  5. Lol, those people are really such a sad example. Look at me, my hope is never-ending. :D :P
    Actually, it's not there fault, they've been told since forever that if they don't get good marks in boards, they won't get into a good college and hence won't get good jobs.

  6. haha yeahhh the ultimate cliche' told by parents

  7. ummm... i'm one of those students who get 0 or 1/100

    i can't go lower than that...
    i enjoy being the low rider...


  8. i don't really think so.
    if you think you're capable of 99 and you get a 62 it obviously means one of three things is wrong

    1. you, by not preparing, not paying attention, not being able to reproduce on paper etc. (no pun intended)messed it up.
    2.the environment surrounding the exam, parents, friends, strict correction etc. caused a problem., having given in to the hype, by not coping from previous errors and by generating too much mental duress as a result, couldn't do that well.

    2 and 3 come down to you not being able to cope, this due to the wrong mental state and hence to be able to reach your full potential in the future, you should first check if you really are able and then make the necessary changes. this way you ensure that 3 is eliminated for all future results and that you cope better with 2.

    all this assuming you want to do well.(1 could have been voluntary)

    if you don't want to however, im guessing it should be okay and not frustrating when people cast doubts on your ability to do so.


    you're right most people don't care about what marks you've got but thats a long way off and till you reach that point you should be able to look back and feel you've done your best.
    it helps that way.

    (this blog is meant for BS right?
    'cause i think i just typed out a whole year's worth.)

  9. @name doesn't matter---> not really coz i was talking about the people who worked hard but i guess not hard enough and have done reasonabily well and have got depressed and gone into seclusion....i saw this happening to one of my friends

    marks do shouldn't fail n get a minimum something but beyond that thinking its life or death i don't think its appropriate..alot of people make mistakes but i just meant that to make up for them you have to move on...

  10. I wish it didn't matter, but it does. In the long term nobody remembers the marksheet but in the short term, it affects everything...ur self-respect, the way people judge u and more importantly, whether u can get into a career of your choice. U might be good at ten other things but ur marksheet will define you. Sad but true!

  11. Just can't figure out why parents are crazy about these marks.

  12. great say. our marks are not a judge of our abilitie;,and even its not our abilities its our choices that we make sets the difference!

  13. Sad but that is exactly what it is.